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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sand Sculpture

This is quite a spontaneous piece that I made yesterday. The movie below is a documentation of what I did. Whilst making it I had no image of the final outcome in my head - I was simply experimenting with the different components of concrete - in this case, sand. After realising the final form of the sculpture, I played around with the idea of scale.

The piece reminds me of 'Atomised Passenger Aircraft Engine' by Roger Hiorns which I saw at The Tate Britain a couple of months ago. It was the artwork that I spent the most time looking at, and for most of the time I was sat on the floor beside it because I couldn't get over how much it felt like a scaled down landscape. I think that I instinctively think of things on a large scale, as most of my work involves human interaction and is almost always on a large scale.

/Manipulation of Size and Scale\

/Roger Hiorns' 2009 Turner prize entry\

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