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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Secret Life of Machines

My tutor sent me this video the other day and I only just had a chance to look at it... It's strange how quickly technology changes...


I was really interested in the heat sensitive paper that they show in one of the later parts of the documentary, and I think it would be cool to mess around with some of it. I dunno if i could afford to use it though... its quite pricey..

Abstract America?

Yesterday I went to the Saatchi Gallery with my friend Danielle. I really recommend going. The show is called Abstract America: New Painting from the U.S. But don't just expect painting, because in my opinion the sculptures and silk prints were better than most of the painting on display. And do not just expect Abstract works either. The word ‘abstract’ has been used very loosely here.

/aagghhhhhhh. man in the way\

As you enter (for free) you are immediately confronted with this horrible, discussing, incredible sculpture, framed by the entrance to room 1. Sterling Ruby's 'Kiss Trap Kismet' is beautiful, yet morbidly repulsive. I loved it!

/Dan in front of Kiss Trap Kismet\

Another thing that was really cool was Aaron Young's 'Focus On The Four Dots In The Middle Of The Painting And Tilt Your Head Back (Frantic Fruit)'. Basicly, you do what it says on the tin: stare at the 4 black dots in the middle of the painting for 30 seconds then close your eyes and tilt your head back. Once your eyes are closed you should be able to see a portrait of Jesus, Che Guevara or Charles Manson! This piece really makes me question how the mind works. It would be interesting to find out why what happens, happens... (If that makes sense?)

/Jesus or Che Guevara?\