I Am A Student Studying Art and Design At Central Saint Martins In London.

This Is An Extension Of My Reflective Journal And A Place For Me To Record My Life..

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My First Post

I dont want to think about my first post too much because this blog is simply a way for me to record my work and to document what is going on in my life.. I considered doing the blog just about the work I produce, but I feel that everything that happens to me effects the outcomes of my work.

So now you and I know why I have set this up I will get the fuck on with it.

This is a piece of work that I did recently. The concept is not new, coz I did something similar last year, but the difference is that I have brought it into a studio/gallery environment. I'm not happy with it yet, so its a work in progress... It is for a project where I have been asked to become 'an expert in one material'.

/Bamboo Work No. 7, 2009\

/Bamboo Work No.1, 2008\