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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Concrete German Bunkers

Before I left guernsey to come back to London I went around a few of the German bunkers from WWII. Although I have grown up around these structures I found the experience quite distressing and upsetting. Because these buildings have been around me my whole life I had never (until now) properly taken the time to think about what happened, I never made the link between me and those who suffered on my home island.

There really is something haunting about these great, grey blocks dotted around the island - they are a true reminder of something awful. However, do not feel as if they should not be here. They are one of the greatest living reminders of how to live our lives, and how to run a government. They represent the strength of the good, common people of the Channel Islands. They represent the strength of those Jews, Romanies, homosexuals, disabled, Slavs, Poles, Soviet PoW's and Jehovah's Witnesses who suffered and died because of this occupation. It was these people who built the bunkers as slave laborers, and you can almost feel the soul of those people as you interact with these incredible structures.

/Bunker at Cobo Bay\

/The interior of another bunker on Cobo\

/A preserved bunker at Vason Bay\

/Napolionic fortress meets German bunker\

/A shape that I found intriguing\

/Another fascinating form\

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  1. These are great shots. Almost unworldly. Hope the photo arranging goes successfully! (http://comedownarts.blogspot.com/2010/01/developing-developmental-journal.html)